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May 2019 Teacher Transformation Giveaway

We want to celebrate teachers the entire month of May!

While we are offering exclusive savings and special financing for teachers this month, we wanted to do something AMAZING to thank our local teachers for their dedication and commitment to our children. We thought, why not take the opportunity to bring back a little youthfulness to the teachers who tirelessly take care of OUR youth?

With a little collaboration from our friends over at Indigo Salon and Day Spa, we created an exciting giveaway that we can't wait to share with one lucky teacher.

Here's what is included in the Teacher Transformation giveaway:

In simpler terms, we are partnering to help one lucky teacher go from their 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s to a more youthful appearance by addressing the most common issues of aging. Dr. Dyce will carefully analyze how age has affected this lucky teacher’s skin and facial structure, looking for things like double chin, sagging skin, deep wrinkles, dull skin, etc. He will then tailor a 3-month plan designed to address these issues before school starts back in August. This lucky teacher will spend their summer break with Black Creek Medical getting laser treatments, facial injections, enhancements, and restorations. Depending on the individual’s needs, the value of the aesthetics plan could be over $10,000. We are so excited to offer this to a teacher- there is no one more deserving in our minds! 

We know there will be a lot of interest in this giveaway, so if you are a teacher or know a teacher that may be interested in entering, there are a few guidelines and rules that Teacher Transformation participants must understand before entering:

Giveaway Rules:

- You must be an educator or principal in a Darlington County (SC) public school to enter. 

- Before entering your name, please understand the time commitment that comes with following an aesthetics plan. The winner must be able to have weekly or biweekly office visits from June 1- August 15. This ensures that the treatment plan is being followed accurately, as well as promises the best results at the end of the three-month aesthetic plan period.

- You will be asked to follow any product and prescription plans as directed. You will be asked to avoid excessive sun exposure. If you can't give up sitting in the full sun at the beach without a hat or sunscreen, then this is not the right summer for you. We ask these things to ensure maximum results, so it is very important that contestants understand these potential responsibilities.

- Before entering, please consider if you are OK with photographs following your makeover journey being posted on Facebook, Instagram, or our website. We are excited to offer this opportunity and want to share the amazing results that we know our winner will see before, during, and after the process.


You may enter yourself once a day from May 6- May 20th.

  1. Like, share, and comment your name, school, and our grade on our Facebook giveaway post that will be pinned to the top of our Black Creek Medical page for the entire month of May.
  2. Like Black Creek Medical Consultants on Facebook.
  3. If you are not a teacher, but want to nominate a teacher, follow the same rules and tag your favorite teacher and comment why your nominee should be the winner of our giveaway!

After you have liked our page and shared our post, all other extra entrees require only a comment on the post to count as an entree. You are free to share the post as many times and encourage people to comment and tag your name. Every comment listing a teacher’s name is an extra entree into the drawing. At the end of the submission period (May 6- May 20) the top 5 teachers with the most entrees will be posted to Facebook. We will encourage everyone following the contest to comment their favorite things about the nominees. On May 25th, a winner will be selected.

If you are a teacher that does not have a Facebook, enter your name through our google form on our website ( and we will submit your name to our Facebook post. The more times you enter your name, the more chances you have to win. Remember, YOU can ONLY enter your name once a day, but you can encourage your friends to nominate you daily as well. 

We understand that summer plans change, so if the contestant is unable to participate, the giveaway will go to the next in line. 

Teachers feel free to comment with your entry why you love teaching! Friends, family, and parents feel free to comment why your nominee is amazing and deserving of a summer at Black Creek Medical Consultants.

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